LinkedIn Data Leak

LinkedIn Data Leak
Posted on 04/29/2019
GDI foundation security researcher, Sanyam Jain, has identified eight unprotected databases exposing 60 million records of LinkedIn user data. This information contains LinkedIn profile information: IDs, profile URLs, work history, education history, location, listed skills, other social profiles, and the last time the profile was updated. In addition, the data includes user email addresses, regardless if the user’s privacy settings were configured to hide that information from public view.

LinkedIn refutes the claim that they were breached or that the leak originated from their database. Head of Trust & Safety at LinkedIn, Paul Rockwell, instead suggested that a third-party company exposed scraped data from LinkedIn public profiles.

The NJCCIC recommends LinkedIn users to review their public profile and update security and privacy settings as needed. As an added measure, we advise users to change their LinkedIn password immediately as well as other accounts that utilized the same password.

For more information, please review BleepingComputer’s article.