Proactive Phishing Protection

Proactive Phishing Protection
Posted on 03/26/2018

Google has been applying machine learning (ML) to billions of threat indicators and evolving their models to quickly identify what could be a phishing attack in the making. Information from these self-learning ML models helps them flag suspicious content. At the same time, updated phishing security controls can be configured to automatically switch on the latest Google-recommended defenses.

These new default-on protections can:

  • Automatically flag emails from untrusted senders that have encrypted attachments or embedded scripts.
  •  Warn against email that tries to spoof employee names or that comes from a domain that looks similar to your own domain.
  • Offer enhanced protections against spear phishing attacks by flagging unauthenticated email.
  • Scan images for phishing indicators and expand shortened URLs to uncover malicious links.

With the protections Google now has in place, more than 99.9% of Business Email Compromise (BEC) scenarios—or when someone impersonates an executive to get sensitive information—are either automatically moved to the spam folder or flagged with anomaly warnings to users.

This is good news for all of us!  Look for these changes to roll out this week to South Amboy Public Schools email.