Vice President, Judith Raskoshin

Judith Raskoshin

My name is Judith Raskoshin. I was born and raised in Perth Amboy, NJ and then later moved to Old Bridge, NJ. After attending Old Bridge High School I went on to continue my education at Monmouth University where I received a Master’s in Special Education. Once my Master’s was completed I started my teaching career and have been working full-time for the past 13 years as a Special Education teacher.

My husband Stanislav and I purchased our first home together in South Amboy in 2013. We loved that “small town” charm that this town had to offer. Since our ten years of being residences of South Amboy our family has grown by two beautiful children. Our eldest child currently attends South Amboy public schools Pre-K 4 program.   

When my son began school, I knew that I wanted to become more involved as a parent and as a community member. I then began my journey to become a Board of Education Member. Now, that I am a Board Member I have the chance to work with other board members to create a shared vision for learning, improvement, build strategic partnerships, adopting and maintaining current policies, maintain strong ethical standards and objectively seek answers to questions and challenges as they arise. I believe that my involvement as a Special Education teacher in a public school district uniquely positions me to contribute as a Board Member. 

I believe that I bring a fresh perspective to the Board with my experience as a Special Education teacher, as a community member, and as a parent of a student in the district. I have the willpower to work with other leaders in South Amboy to improve the city as whole and in particular to improve our schools. All with keeping in mind the main purpose of making sure our children receive the best education and the best educational experience possible during their school age years. I am extremely excited to see our schools and city grow in the years to come. I truly love this city and the people who reside here!