School Performance Reports

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Dear Parents, Guardians and Members of the School Community,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to provide you information about the New Jersey School Performance Reports, which were recently released and are available on the NJ School Performance Reports webpage at

Use, Share and Improve the New Jersey School Performance Summary Reports

The School Performance Reports reflect the New Jersey Department of Education’s (NJDOE) extensive efforts to engage with parents, students and school communities, and share the information that is most valuable in providing a picture of overall school performance.  We encourage you to use these reports to:

  • Learn more about your school and district
  • Start conversations with school community members and ask questions
  • Engage with school communities to identify what schools are doing well and where they can improve

Enhancements to the School Performance Reports

The reports include changes that respond to stakeholder feedback collected through a feedback survey, at parent round tables and workshops, and from stakeholder engagement throughout the year. These changes include:

  • More informative, easier to understand one-page Summary Reports
  • Additional navigation tools and an improved search page within the reports
  • Emphasis on student growth with the growth section of the reports newly featured before the academic achievement section in the reports
  • More information about dual enrollment, graduation pathways, progress toward English language proficiency, staff demographics, and discipline

One-Page Summary Reports

Along with the full reports, one-page Summary Reports for each school and district are also available. The Summary Reports provide a high-level summary of how well a school or district is performing with data that address questions such as:

  • How does our students’ growth compare to students’ growth in other districts?
  • Are students at risk?
  • Are students graduating?
  • How did students perform on assessments?
  • Are students college and career ready?
  • Do they have access to high-level coursework?

A Summary Report Guide is also available on the School Performance Reports webpage to explain the different data points on the Summary Reports. 

Thank you,

Dr. Martin Gurczeski Jr.
Acting Superintendent

School Reports:
Elementary School 2020-21
Middle High School 2020-21
District 2020-21

Elementary School 2019-20
Middle High School 2019-20
District 2019-20

Elementary School 2018-19
Middle High School 2018-19
District 2018-19

Elementary School 2017-18
Middle High School 2017-18
District 2017-18

Elementary School 2016-2017
Middle High School 2016-2017
District 2016-2017