ES Cafeteria Renovation Update

ES Cafeteria Renovation Update

The Elementary School cafeteria renovation is the last phase of a referendum project that initially started during the summer of 2014.  As part of that referendum, the Elementary School received major upgrades to classrooms, bathrooms, flooring, energy efficient lighting, and central air conditioning throughout the school.  In 2015, the project was stalled due to litigation with the contractor, leaving the aging cafeteria and kitchen out of the scope of the renovation work at that time.  During the 2018-19 school year, the district was able to resume planning for the renovation.  The renovation project began immediately after the school year ended in June of 2019.  Rather than begin demolition while students were in session, the district opted to begin during the summer months and complete the finishing stages in September and October to minimize disruption to school operations.  The project has been slated for an early to mid-October completion.  The project includes a total renovation of the cafeteria with removal of the stage allowing for additional space for student seating.  In addition, a full renovation of the kitchen will provide brand new equipment and a reconfiguration of serving lines during the lunch periods.




Where will students eat lunch during September and early October?

Students and staff will not have access to the cafeteria during the renovation project.  In fact, there will be no access to the cafeteria from within the school for safety reasons while the contractors are working.  The school has made arrangements with our food services vendor, Maschios, to serve lunch utilizing half the gymnasium.  A partition wall will separate the gym for lunches and gym classes. Lunches will be prepared at the Middle High School kitchen and transported to the Elementary school for service.  Students will not experience a change in their lunch service other than the location where they will eat temporarily.



What menu and food options will be available to students?

Food service will be prepared at the Middle High School and transported to the Elementary school for lunch service.  The menu will be limited for the month of September, however, there will be cold and warm food options each week.  Currently the district’s Elementary School menu for September shows cold lunches that will be available on a daily basis.  Maschio’s is working on providing hot lunches on select days of the week throughout the month of September.  Once they have finalized their schedule, they will update the online menu, so please keep an eye on the district website for changes.  Please visit the website for the daily lunch menu.  We ask for your patience during this transitional period as the project moves towards completion.  We look forward to having a brand new cafeteria and kitchen that allows us to serve larger variety of food to our students in the near future.

Can my child bring lunch from home?

Students have always been permitted to bring bagged lunch from home and can continue to do so while the cafeteria project is being completed.