Strategic Planning

Five Year Strategic Plan
vision surveyThe strategic plan development process began on February 11, 2019 with a survey sent to all school community stakeholders.  The survey sought to review and solicit ideas for vision and mission statements.The survey was again shared on March 15, 2019 to gather additional submissions before meeting with stakeholders.

During the month of April, meetings were scheduled with various groups of teachers during their Common Planning Periods (CPP).  An overview of the strategic planning process was provided, along with a list of all of the Vision and Mission Statement submissions received. Teachers individually selected their top five statements, discussed in small groups, and subsequently identified the group’s top three choices.  Teachers also provided three focus areas for the Strategic Plan that would align and support their mission statement selections.  The same process was followed during the meetings with Middle School and High School Student Councils, the PTO, and members of the Board of Education. 

On May 2, 2019, the administrative team met to review all of the vision and mission statement tallies from the stakeholder meetings.  The administrative team discussed the top three choices at length, made a few revisions, and composed the final vision and mission statements.  In addition, the team analyzed the data received from the Faculty, Parent, and Student Climate and Culture surveys to determine the focus areas for the strategic planning process.  Finally, belief statements were created to support the focus areas for the strategic plan.  

On May 14th, 2019, the first of three steering committee meetings was held with twenty individuals representing board members, administrators, staff, and the PTO.  The group was divided into four committees each working on one of the identified focus areas.  Over the next three meetings, the steering committees developed goals, action steps, and timelines for the implementation of the plan.  

The following represents all of the meetings coordinated during the development process: 

Schedule of Meetings:
2/11/19         School Community Survey
3/15/19         School Community Survey
4/2/19           MHS – Math and Science Departments
4/3/19           MHS – ELA, Social Studies, and Spanish Departments
4/4/19           MHS - Art/Music, P.E., Business/Tech, Media and Guidance/Nurse
4/5/19           ES – Kindergarten, Grade 1, Computers/Spanish, and Nurse
4/8/19           ES – Grade 4, Grade 5, Art, Music, and Speech
4/9/19           ES – Grade 2, Grade 3, Physical Education, and BSI
4/10/19         MHS  Middle School and High School Student Councils
4/29/19         Board of Education
5/1/19           PTO Meeting
5/2/19           Administrative Team Meeting
5/14/19         Steering Committee Meeting
5/21/19         Steering Committee Meeting
5/28/19         Steering Committee Meeting
6/24/19         Board of Education Meeting

Five Year Strategic Plan