Follow the Olympics Safely and Securely

Follow the Olympics Safely and Securely
Posted on 02/23/2018
As the world watches their nations' athletes compete for medals in PyeongChang, criminals look to take advantage of this interest in order to steal personal information or money. They accomplish this by luring people in using malicious websites and apps, fraudulent merchandise offers, or emails and social media. It is important to seek your Olympic information and memorabilia from trusted and known sources only. 

Only use the official Olympic websites and apps
Head to the official Olympics website or download the official Olympic app for your smart device to follow the games. Third-party apps and other websites may be less secure or could be malicious, as cyber criminals do create convincing fake apps and sites. 

Purchase Olympic merchandise only from trusted sources
Always buy your Olympic merchandise or memorabilia from a trusted, known retailer. Avoid any sites that are advertised to you via email or social media that you are not familiar with. 

Avoid Olympic phishing and social media scams
Never click on links or respond to communications that tell you that you have won a lottery for free travel to the Olympics or for Olympic merchandise. Always hover your cursor over suspicious links in emails, and when in doubt, navigate directly to a trusted website instead of one advertised to you.

Posted originally from CIS (Center for Internet Security, Inc.)