New District Website!

New District Website
Posted on 01/17/2018
It is our pleasure to announce the launch of our new district website.  This launch represents a major overhaul of our web presence. The website includes three separate sites: District, Elementary, and Middle High School.  Each site has information relevant to its location.  Our website was designed to be accessible, responsive, and easy to use!  Whether you're viewing our site on a computer or mobile device, our website will render well on any device. We're also proud that our website is ADA compliant and fully accessible for users who rely on screen readers and other similar technologies to access websites.

Although some web content may remain static, our faculty and staff will continue to update their pages and provide useful information to support your child's learning.  Enjoy browsing the new website, and visit often to get the latest news and updates from the district and schools.  We welcome any feedback to ensure we are meeting the needs of our school community. 

Quick Notes/Features:
-The District Calendar pulls events from both the Elementary and Middle High School calendars and are labeled with (ES) or (MHS) so parents can differentiate between the posted events.  The school calendars will have district events and events for their respective locations only.  
-Some of the Quick Links on each page will link to another site and will open in a separate window.  For example, if you're on the district site and click on the Quick Link for Athletics, a new window will open featuring that page which resides on the Middle High School site.
-Looking for a staff member?  Go to the Staff Directory menu on their respective location and search by name.  Each staff member will have two links:  a link to their teacher page and a link to contact via email.
-Language Feature:  At the top of the website, users can select a different language, and the website will utilize Google translate to automatically translate the site.