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New iPhone App for Presentations via Haiku Deck

posted Apr 28, 2016, 5:04 AM by Michael Elson

If you haven't used Haiku Deck, you don't know what you are missing.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  

If you already use it and have an iPhone you are in for a real treat.  The new iPhone app brings all the goodness of the iPad app and web app to your iPhone.

Now you can create presentations right on your iPhone and use it as a teleprompter during your presentations.

Too Noisy Lite (iOS)

posted Mar 10, 2014, 6:49 AM by Michael Elson   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 7:44 AM ]

Anyone who has attempted to keep the noise levels under control of a group of youngsters will appreciate this simple, fun and engaging app.

Quizlet for Android

posted Feb 10, 2014, 8:22 AM by Michael Elson   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 8:22 AM ]

The official Quizlet Android app is here. Study anything, anywhere.

Flashcards familiarize you with new vocabulary (with fullscreen images and audio). Learn mode tests what you know and don't know. Match makes studying into a fun and competitive game.

Take all of your sets and your classes on the go with offline support (even for audio). New to Quizlet? Create a free account and search Quizlet's 21+ million study sets.

Who Has What 2 for iOS

posted Feb 7, 2014, 9:23 AM by Michael Elson

Who has What? 2 helps you keep track of your Items that you lent to/from somebody and all of this with just a few taps! 

Never again forget who has your Books, DVDs, Games or anything else. 

Just look it up in Who has What? 2!

It's incredibly easy and it just takes a few seconds to keep track of your Items with Who has What?!

Even Monsters Get Sick (iPad)

posted Mar 4, 2013, 8:26 AM by Michael Elson

Even Monsters Get Sick is a cute children’s story that is available in an interactive format for your child’s iPad. The story starts with a child named Harry trading some stickers and gum to his friend Mona for a pet monster. To move the story along your child has to drag the stickers and gum into place to complete the trade. From there children read and or have read to them the story of Harry taking the friendly monster home with him. The monster gets sick and Harry helps him get better. Throughout the story there are interactive elements for children to manipulate. For example, children can help Harry and the monster navigate their way home, make the monster sneeze, and play music on a record player (it occurs to me that you might have to explain to your children what a record player is).

Students can read the story on their own or have the story read to them. If students choose “read on my own” at the beginning it is easy to switch modes. To switch to having the story read to them students simply need to tap the words that they see.

Even Monsters Get Sick is currently a free app.


posted Feb 26, 2013, 9:30 AM by Michael Elson

If you use rubrics to grade student work you have to try ForAllRubrics! Once you set up your class list, this website allows users to import rubrics they’ve already made, or easily create new ones.  Open the site on your iPad and with a few taps you’ll have projects graded in no time.  It’s easy to access previous grades, print out data, and it’s free for teachers!

FYI: This isn't an App, but a website engineered to work on iPads, tablets and phones - but it functions like an App so I but it here anyway.


posted Feb 8, 2013, 8:08 AM by Michael Elson

Creating cartoons with Toontastic is as easy as putting on a puppet show - simply press the record button and tell your stories through play! Once you’re done, share your cartoons with friends & family around the world.

I discovered this app over Thanksgiving and kept forgetting to post.  The free version is packed with enough to keep your class busy with some great storytelling.

This is a very fun app.

Maily: Your Kids' First Email (iPad)

posted Oct 3, 2012, 1:19 PM by Michael Elson

Especially designed for kids from 4 years old, Maily allows your kids to send quirky, personalized emails to mom and dad, their grandparents or close friends easily, rapidly, and securely.

Your kids can now create and send their own emails, using elements like digital pencils, brushes, photos, personalized backgrounds, stickers, and their most commonly used expressions.

New emails from family or close friends arrive in your kids' personal inbox, and with their personal contact list, they can reply and send emails anytime.

Maily comes with extensive built-in parent control features, which enables you to be completely in charge of who your children communicate with, and when, including the ability to approve or reject messages before they are sent or received by their children.

Maily: Your Kids' First Email

Remind 101

posted Sep 24, 2012, 7:13 AM by Michael Elson   [ updated Sep 24, 2012, 7:14 AM ]

Do you use Remind101 for your class? They now have an App for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Remind101 provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. It is 100% free and is used by over 200,000 teachers, students and parents to send millions of messages every month.

Android users fear not...the app is on the way :)

Class Dojo

posted Sep 11, 2012, 7:05 AM by Michael Elson

ClassDojo is now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

Better learning behaviors, smoother lessons and hassle-free data - and its free!

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