MHS Building Cleared for Return

posted Dec 5, 2017, 9:07 AM by Jorge Diaz
Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Middle High School has been cleared by the Fire Department, and all students and staff have safely returned to the school to resume their regular schedule.  A malfunction in a rooftop ventilation handler tripped a carbon monoxide detector.  The unit has been isolated, shutdown, and a technician is currently working on the unit.  Any testing of the unit will occur after-hours when no students and staff are in the building.

As you know, our schools conduct emergency drills on a monthly basis in an effort to be prepared should an emergency occur.  This morning’s emergency was handled exactly as our protocols outline, and the team effort between emergency responders and school staff ensured the safety of our students throughout the evacuation.

Again, all students and staff have safely returned to the Middle High School without incident.  

Thank you.

Jorge E. Diaz