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Week of October 28, 2013

posted Oct 28, 2013, 11:00 AM by Tara Vona   [ updated Oct 28, 2013, 11:12 AM ]
Math - This week we will continue on adding numbers with regrouping.  There will be a short quiz on Friday to check your comprehension.  Assignment #6 is also due on Friday.
Algebra - This week we will be practicing adding and subtracting fractions.  Assignment #6 will be due on Friday.
English - Read Frankenstein and finish comprehension questions to chapter 5.  There is a VOCABULARY QUIZ ON FRIDAY!  This month we had 8 words!  Be sure to study!!  The words were:  opulent, reiterate, feasible, amicable, belligerent, nostalgia, meticulous, jeopardy.
Science - We will finish our notes on the 4 states of matter.  Lesson 1 questions will be given out on Tuesday.  Lesson 2 notes on elements will begin on Wednesday.
History - Watch videos on Egypt and answer questions that follow. Chapter 4 review questions are due on Wednesday. Don't forget your current event for Friday!
REMEMBER!  There is a half day on Thursday!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!