October News!

posted Nov 1, 2017, 5:24 AM by Geeta Nisraiyya   [ updated Nov 1, 2017, 5:25 AM ]

Here we swing into the real deal! Continue to learn, practice and apply all the math, lab-safety, problem-solving, Labs and lab-reports, and other basics needed in both Physical Sc. & Chemistry. We will be introducing and learning about Matter, States & Properties of matter and the Atomic Structure in depth.

We will start off with a lab-experiments with simple measuring instruments such as a Triple Beam Balance, graduated cylinder, etc~ wherein students will measure simple things such as mass of given objects, perimeter/area/volume of both regular and irregular shaped objects (ex. octagonal lab-table) and few more using few simple measuring instruments.

Thereafter, we will show comprehension on all the concepts learned via a Quiz followed by a major section Test. Please study as this year the Tests fall under 60% summative grades. 

Not to forget, as early as 10/4/17 you will looking at your first Progress-remarks of the year!

Also, this month we will start the selection process and meeting dates for the Chem-Science League based on class testing grades, testing preparedness, punctuality and commitment.