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Week of December 4, 2017

posted Dec 4, 2017, 11:07 AM by Elisabeth Doherty
ELA 6-  We will have a test on Number the Stars this week. We will also complete a unit project which will be due on Friday, December 8th. 
  • Monday-Test review!
  • Tuesday-TEST!
  • Wednesday-Introduce project. 
  • Thursday-Work on project during class. 
  • Friday-Complete project by the end of the period. 

ELA 7-We will continue to read, The Outsiders and complete various activities pertaining to the novel. Please remember to bring your study questions to class!

  • Monday-Bio-poem in groups. Begin to read Chapter 6.
  • Tuesday-Self-defense article and comparison. Finish reading Chapter 6.
    • HW: Chapter 6 study questions
  • Wednesday-Hero discussion and begin reading Chapter 7
  • Thursday-Self-identity discussion and finish reading Chapter 7
    • HW: Chapter 7 study questions
  • Friday-Newspaper article assignment on Google Classroom

ELA 8-We will watch, Sherlock Holmes and compare the movie to the stories we read in class. We will also complete a webquest on "A Christmas Story" and begin reading this week.

  • Monday-Movie and comparison
  • Tuesday- Movie and comparison
  • Wednesday-Webquest
    • HW: Finish webquest
  • Thursday- Begin reading, "A Christmas Carol"
  • Friday-Reading Response Journal essay on Google Classroom