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6th Grade Homework for the Week of 12/04

posted Dec 4, 2017, 7:53 PM by Brian Wohlt
Monday: Wrap-up activities from last week.
TuesdayWord Up! group project-Group members should read their sections and write down essential facts needed to teach their topic to another person. Textbook pages from Chapter 4 can be found already uploaded into Google Classroom.
Wednesday: Group members need to share their list of facts from Tuesday night with each group member contributing at least two facts. Students need to think of words that would describe their topic based on the text for your section. Use of a Thesaurus can help to pick a strong word. Each group member should come to class with a list of possible words for group discussion on Thursday. These words can be brainstormed and written on the top of the Word Up! sheet given on Tuesday's class. 
Thursday: Groups by the end of today's class groups should have picked out two facts from each group member's research and chosen a one word from the group members brainstorm list. Students should plan out how to design the word, colors, etc. for homework tonight.
Friday: Groups should pick a design and begin creating the poster with the group word on the front and the group final facts on the back. Remember to place the group final facts on the bottom of the Word Up! sheet given on Tuesday's class. In addition, group members should practice memorizing/presenting their two facts over the weekend.