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Volunteer Opportunities

The Local YMCA has great volunteer opportunities. If you are interested please call 732-553-9622 ask to speak with the volunteer coordinator. You will need to fill out a volunteer application and ask for references. 

The Venetian Care Center located next to the Middle High School is always looking for volunteers to help. You can call and make an appointment to discuss their opportunities at 732-721-8200.

South Amboy's Public Library-The Sadie Pope Dowdell is located on campus and is another place to volunteer. This includes assisting the library staff, organizing books and periodicals. 732-721-6060.

If you love animals and want to volunteer at a local animal shelter you can call these two. 
Old Bridge Animal Shelter 732-721-5600
Edison Animal Shelter 732-248-7278

South Amboy Youth Athletic Association (SAYAA)

Community Service (Points of Contact)


Janice Colacci - (732) 740-6877
                       SouthAmboySports@aol.com (Professional)


Joe McKevitt - (732) 735-2997
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