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Student and Family Support

Learning Disability Services: Preparing Students with Disabilities for Successful Transition to College a website by Ms. Hamblet offering advice and information for students, parents, and professionals. www.LDadvisory.com

New Jersey Hope and Healing helps to manage the emotional consequences of storms and flooding. This resource can offer support, counseling, and advice on coping with weather emergencies that are unique to our area. This grant provides a free resource for students and families supported by a grant from FEMA and the Mental Health Association of New Jersey. 
Toll Free Help Line (877)294-4356 
online at www.disastermentalhealthnj.com

 Perform Care offers supportive, crisis, and in home counseling for students. This state run agency is a great resource for families offering free and/or sliding scale affordable resources. Their toll foree number is (877)652-7624 or visit www.performcarenj.org