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Road Map for Each High School Year



Grade 9 –Freshman Year:

            **Develop good study habits and keep your grades up

            ** Keep track of your attendance. Be on time for school and for class.

            **Get involved in extra-curricular activities

            **Set up a profile on www.fastweb.com for scholarships

            ** Start community service and complete 30 hours each year

Grade 10- Sophomore Year:

            **Check your Grade Point Average and class rank

            ** Work with your counselor to plan the most rigorous course load possible

            **Take the FREE PSAT in October

            ** Take the Student ASVAB to help with career planning

          **Continue researching and applying for scholarship www.scholarships.com

            ** Use your PSAT results to improve your skills

** Complete and document your 30 hours of community service

Grade 11 – Junior Year:

**Begin searching for colleges – www.petersons.com and www.collegeboard.com to make a list of 5-10 that seem interesting/appropriate for you

**Check the requirements of the schools you chose i.e. SATs, GPA, essay

            **Take the FREE PSAT in October use the results to improve your skills

** Continue involvement in activities

**Attend South Amboy’s Free Financial Aid Night held each January.

** Attend the National College Fair at Raritan Center in April

** Remember to review your transcript with your counselor

** Take the May or June SAT (talk to your counselor about possible fee waiver)

**Consider taking the ACT which is another accepted college entrance exam

** Visit Open Houses of colleges and campus tours

** Complete and document your 30 hours of community service

Grade 12– Senior Year:

**Meet with your school counselor to review your list of colleges and discuss senior year timeline for college and financial aid.

** Make a formal activity sheet with the guidance secretary. Come prepared with a list of items to include (i.e. Sports, extra-curriculars, service, and work experiences)

**Download applications or apply for college online. Use your counselor as a resource to help with any aspect of the application process. Read all directions and be sure to watch the application deadlines.*Be sure to review before your submit. (Spelling Counts!!!)

** Ask (2) teachers for letters of recommendations. Additional letters can be added from coaches, community leaders, or employers. Counselors will also write a necessary letter of recommendation. 

**Check to see if the CSS profile is necessary. (CSS PROFILE paperwork is only required for some schools)

**Apply for a pin (to begin the financial aid process with ease) at www.FAFSA.gov *You can apply for a pin early, but do not submit the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, until January. Be aware of financial aid deadlines.

**Attend South Amboy’s Free Financial Aid Night held each January.

**Visit the financial aid web page of the colleges you want to apply. They may have scholarship opportunities available to students that submit the FAFSA.

**Continue to fill out scholarships available through www.fastweb.com

**Check for scholarship opportunities at any businesses or companies from parent/student employment, religious affiliation, and community based organizations.

** Visit the guidance office for available paper applications for scholarships Many will also be available on the guidance web page

**Work hard; colleges do ask for a final transcript for senior year

**Write thank you notes for the recommenders that wrote letters for you

**In May, decide what college you will attend. Be sure to make all deadlines for deposits.

**Take AP Examinations if necessary

** Good luck in college (We wish you continued success in your future!)

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