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Test Dates 2016-2017

*PSAT should be taken in 10th and 11th grade for college bound students. PSAT will be given October 19th 2016
SAT and ACT should be taken in the spring of 11th grade for students interested in 4 year schools.
*Double check the www.collegeboard.com webpage and www.act.org webpage for details and registration
(If you need a fee waiver and qualify for assistance please see your counselor)
2year schools may require placement testing called the Accuplacer.
**prep for the accuplacer can be found at www.testprepreview.com
August 5 ACT Registration for 9/10 ACT test 
August 19 ACT Late Registration for the 9/10 test

September 1st SAT Regular Registration Deadline for 10/1 SAT test
September 10th ACT test
September 16th ACT Regular Registration Deadline for 10/22 ACT test
September 20th Late Registration Deadline for the 10/1 SAT test
September 30th Late Registration Deadline for the 10/22 ACT test

***New start date to begin FAFSA, submit ASAP.
October 1st SAT & SAT Subject Tests
October 7th SAT SAT Regular Registration Deadline for 11/5 SAT test
*October 19th PSAT/NMSQT at South Amboy (10 & 11th Grade) 
October 22nd ACT Test
October 25th SAT Late Registration Deadline for the 11/5 SAT test

November 3rd SAT Registration Deadline for 12/3 SAT test
November 4th ACT Regular Registration Deadline for 12/10 ACT test
November 5th SAT & SAT Subject Tests
November 18th Late Registration Deadline for 12/10 ACT test
November 22nd Late Registration Deadline for SAT 12/3 test 

December 3rd SAT & SAT Subject Tests
December 10th ACT Test Date
December 21sr SAT Registration Deadline for 1/21 SAT test
January 10th SAT Late Registration Ends for 1/21 SAT test
January 13th ACT Registration Deadline for 2/11 ACT test
January 20th ACT Late Registration Deadline Ends for 2/11 ACT test
January 21st SAT & SAT Subject Tests

February 10th SAT Registration Deadline for 3/11 SAT test
February 11th ACT Test Day
February 28 SAT Late Registration Deadline for 3/11 SAT test
March 3rd ACT Registration Deadline for 4/8 ACT test
March 11th SAT Test Only
March 17th ACT Late Registration Deadline for 4/8 ACT test
April 7th SAT Registration Deadline for 5/6 SAT test
April 8th ACT Test Day
April 25th SAT Late Registration Deadline for 5/6 SAT test
1st Week of May AP(Advanced Placement) Examinations
May 5th ACT Registration Deadline for 6/10 ACT test
May 6th SAT & Subject Tests
2nd Week of May AP(Advanced Placement) Examinations
May 9th SAT Registration Deadline for 6/3 SAT test
May 19th ACT Late Registration Deadline for 6/10 test
May 24th SAT Late Registration Deadline for 6/3 SAT test

June 3rd SAT & Subject Tests
June 10th ACT Test Day
June 30th Last day to submit 2016-2017 FAFSA

1 AP (Advanced Placement) Examination Scores available 

 *Double check the www.collegeboard.com webpage and www.act.org webpage for details & registration