January Scores

Congratulations To all those who participated in The January 12th exam!

The score (in decreasing order) for each team is as follows:

Biology I: JL 30, NM 30, VM 27, CT 27, (KM 23)

Chemistry: MB 18, KC 11, MH 09, AR 09, (MM 07, DM 05

Physics: JB 21, FK 15, GG 13, BH 13, (CC 11, MM 08)

(For the Chem and Physics teams ONLY: Total points are computed by multiplying by 4
There are a total of 25 Multiple Choice questions)

(The Bio I team has a total of 60 Multiple Choice Questions)

All answer sheets are graded- Except alternates, all scores are sent to the League Administrator, top two scores are accounted for ranking in the entire League of participating schools.