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Athletic Packet Forms

The following forms are required by the NJSIAA and/or the Department of Education for completion prior to participation in sports. 

The Sports Physical forms must be completed/approved by the student athlete's parent and a doctor. 
Sports Physicals are valid for 365 days. If a student wishes to participate in a sport or activity, but has not had a physical in over 90 days, a Health History Update Form must be submitted. Students will not be permitted to participate without a physical that has been approved. 

Please read each of the required SAHS Athletic Department Forms and submit only the completed         
SAHS Athletic Signature Page (page 1) to the Athletic Director.

Completed Athletic Packets must be turned in and approved before:
Fall Season 2015 - August 1
Winter Season 2015 - November 9
Spring Season 2016 - March 1

 Please read the all of the following SAMHS Athletic forms and acknowledge them using the SAHS Signature From below.
  • Student Athlete's Contract
  • BOE WWW Parental Consent Form
  • NJSIAA Concussion Policy
  • NJSIAA Steroid Testing Form
  • SAMHS Permission to Participate
  • Sudden Cardiac Death in Youth Athletes

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Only complete this form if you are participating in a sport and your most recent physical is more than 90 days ago.  28k v. 1 Jun 24, 2015, 10:19 AM Ken Blekeski
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Sports physical forms are required for participation. Please fill out page 1, the Health History form, prior to your appointment with the doctor. All other pages must be completed by a physician.  575k v. 1 Jun 24, 2015, 10:20 AM Ken Blekeski
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